It's All in the Form

Whenever you exercise, do yourself a favor and always start by examining your posture and ensuring proper form with every regimen - from warm-up, all the way to cool-down. There are many benefits to this and here’s the top two: (1) for safety and (2) for efficiency.


Proper form lessens the likelihood of injury during exercise. For instance, when you are on a treadmill, you could hurt your shoulders by holding on the rails with your elbows out. When you are doing sit-ups, you could hurt your neck and back if you don’t engage your core properly. When you are lifting weights, you could hurt your joints by using momentum instead of your muscles. Ensure safety through conscious control and be mindful of placement, movement and exertion of the right body parts. Remember that even the most difficult exercise routine should not hurt.


The best way to achieve the most out of exercise is by incorporating proper form. Before you think about increasing number of repetitions and resistance, correct your moves first. Go for quality over quantity. Five slow, well-controlled weight lifts is better than ten or more of careless yanking. Listen to your body and learn the to use the correct movers and stabilizers for each exercise you are performing. You are tapping optimal strength and power when you are in proper form.

What is proper form?

It starts with good posture. Look in the mirror and do an assessment. Make sure you keep a relaxed posture whether you are standing, sitting, squatting, planking, etc. Be mindful of your balance, stability, and comfort. Keep your core tight and breathe freely. Observe this when you workout. Better yet, make postural awareness exercises part of your workout!

It’s all in the form

It really is. Workout hard but do it smart. Be conscious of your form with every move you make. This is the only surefire way towards safe and effective exercise.