Thank you!

I wanted to just make a quick post. Before anything, I would like to give thanks to God for giving me the strength to do this competition and to keep going. There were times that I doubted myself;  there were even times  I wanted to give up. Without Him, this wouldn't have been possible. I live by faith.

I would also like to thank my beautiful wife for sticking by my side and allowing me to pursue my goals and dreams. This sport takes a lot of time from our family, so thank you for holding our fort down. Thank you,  my kids for always cheering me on and for pushing me! The closer that I would get to the competitions, my kids would tell me "you're almost there, Daddy, you can do it!" I'm very grateful to have my beautiful family ~ for sure the are my number one fans!

I would also like to thank my friend and Coach Scott Trout for helping me through this long 20 weeks of preparation. It was certainly a beating! I would like to say that this was the hardest prep I ever done since I've started competing. It was more than worth it because it brought my best package to the stage! I am happy with the results; we just have to keep improving and getting better and better so we can bring an even better physique on 2018!

It was an honor stepping on that stage with so many great competitors in both divisions. It was an insanely tough competition but we were able to come out 2nd in Masters and 3rd on Open divisions! Now let's see what 2018 will bring for us!

Thanks everyone for your support. I love you guys!

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